Where are you moving?

We will be at 2021 Mall Drive in the spot that was formerly Bryce's Cafeteria.  


Oh wow. How long will that take?

It's a big project that we are excited about. We hope to be open in the fall of 2017 at the new location.  


Will the new location be similar to a Whole Foods?

No, our business model will be similar to what it has been - fresh and prepared foods market, plus dine-in meal options. Only now our dining room will be bigger, allowing us to offer a broader menu and expanded hours.  


Will you still be offering catering?

Yes! Right now we are booked into 2018, but we hope to continue to handle catering and, with our new space, accommodate groups and parties in-house.  If you need to contact us about an event, email chef@flourchildfinefoods.com.


Will you still be offering Suppers and Fit Meals for pick up while the new location is being remodeled?

Right now we are taking things one step at a time, moving our kitchen and market operations and hiring staff take priority! But if you sign up for our email newsletter, we will be sure to send something out when we begin offering meals again.  


We love your patio! Will you have outdoor seating?

Yes! We plan to incorporate outdoor dining space.  


That is a BIG building. We love the quaintness of the Texas Boulevard space. Are you worried about losing the homey feeling?

Nope. Not at all. We want everyone to be comfortable and welcome and are planning to have the same cozy feel by using great design of the space.